Seeing Land and Habitat Management Pay Off-The King

Seeing Land and Habitat Management Pay Off-The King

The pursuit of The King was special for many reasons. One of which was how the hunt paralleled all the years of property management. The hunt for King was a multi year quest, just like property management. Each year when we work on our farms we are generally focused on the current buck crop that we want to try and harvest. However, we are really helping the entire herd, not only now, but for generations to come. So while my hunt for king was a 2 year quest it was actually 15 years in the making!

Projects that specifically helped me harvest the King include:

  • Food plots

  • Planted cover and man created cover for access in and out of blinds

  • Logging in specific locations

  • TSI in strategic spots

  • Mock scrapes

  • Most importantly, and often overlooked is keeping pressure to a minimum!

This property does have farm land adjacent to it, however there isn’t much left after harvest. We have the best food for season in the entire area, that coupled with low pressure were major factors to the pursuit of the King.

As I’ve evolved as a hunter, my biggest passion is land management and attempting to make it the best it can possibly be for a whitetail herd. The connection I feel to the land makes the connection to the deer that much stronger.

We own approximately 220 acres and our borders are hunted hard! I need to do the most I can to keep deer comfortable in my core areas. Sometimes land management can seem overwhelming. My best advice is to just GET STARTED! Take on small projects to start, that will lead to bigger. Before you know it a decade will have passed and you will have a property you can not only be proud of, but one that will be much more wildlife rich!

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